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Quality & Value

Builder, Owner, or anyone in between, we are here to deliver quality and value that results in a beautifully finished spaces.

We believe in our cabinets, plain and simple. With years of experience, CDI provides the highest quality products and the most experienced staff in the area. Along with one of the largest cabinet showrooms in Asheville, CDI stands out from the rest.

From kitchen cabinets to countertops, CDI offers service and knowledge far beyond the standard cabinet company. Start by determining the style of your remodel or build by picking a door style and door color. Then let us take over by starting to analyze the current space and the dimensions and layout needed to fit your vision. Once we have crafted everything and reached a final vision we can reach a final price. It’s that simple.

We take the worry out of your hands during the process. We use top of the line design software to plan your space to fit your needs and lifestyle. Contact us or visit our showroom and discover the beauty of cabinets, counter tops and outstanding service.

Services We Offer

We provide custom cabinet solutions for most areas including:

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Laundry Rooms

  • Closet Cabinets with customized storage solutions

  • Fireplace and Entertainment Areas


What makes us different


Your Choice

There is a budget for everyone. We believe in also having products that meet those budgets for all of our clients when selecting cabinets.

Have a urge to make your kitchen, bath, and other spaces unique? Our custom cabinets have multiple features and options that make upgrading easy. Our cabinets provide the most current styles allowing every customer to have options.


Built To Order

With our team of specialists, CDI is able to use our experience to solve even the most complex design needs for large or small spaces with your cabinet system.


Locally Sustained

Involved with the local home builders association, CDI is determined to give back and sustain small and local business in the Asheville area.

Along with local business, many of our cabinet lines are produced from forests in the US providing work close to home.


Our Process

How does this work?

  1. Design and Consult - Our team provides dedicated sales and design support that are shaped around your current kitchen and bath layouts. Have a challenging space in your house or building a new home? We can create custom designs with specific features that will suit your families lifestyle and vision. During initial design, field measurements are either taken by our specialized installers or blueprints. When your cabinet decisions are finalized, prompt and accurate preliminary drawings and pricing will be provided. Once your expectations are met, we move onto the next milestone in measure and order.

  2. Measure and Order - Measurements are crucial to maintaining accuracy with our services and products. Prior to ordering, all field measurements are finalized to ensure accuracy. Once this is complete, the order is placed for your brand new cabinets. Before the cabinets arrive at your location, we go through two confirmation checks to ensure that the kitchen and installer are prepared for your delivery date.

  3. Deliver and Install - To ensure the process stays smooth, installation is coordinated to a time that suits you or your builder best. Once a date and time is selected, the cabinets will be delivered and installed. The only thing we ask is that plumbing, electrical, HVAC and drywall are in place.

  4. Job Complete Checklist - After delivery and installation, your own CDI representative will perform a final inspection to ensure a complete project. After that, your new cabinets are officially yours! Congratulations!


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Kitchen Cabinets

The most used room in the average house, our kitchen selection has so many options to fit the feel and energy of your home and the people in it. We offer shades and finishes for every door style as well!


Styles for everyone.

Which one are you?

Come visit us at our showroom to explore the options behind which style speaks to you the most. Our designers are on-site and prepared to take on the task ahead of you with education and professional recommendations.

Need some visual help choosing a style? One of our vendors has a online visualizer that you can check out by clicking the button to the left.

Found a style that you like? Our excellent process and hard working craftsmen will ensure product quality along with a efficient time frame in order to transform your cabinets into the center piece of your next remodel or build.



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Classic Farmhouse



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