Types of Wood Cabinets That Will Enhance Your Dream Kitchen

Types of Wood Cabinets That Will Enhance Your Dream Kitchen

From oak to maple to birch, CDI Cabinets is sure to have something you’ll love!

Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. From family gatherings to personal time cooking, the kitchen is one of the most utilized (and admired) rooms in the household. At CDI Cabinets, we not only recognize the importance of a stunning scullery but will work with you every step of the way to select the solid wood cabinetry that will bring your dreams to life.

Custom wood cabinetry is a home upgrade you deserve – and our design staff will work with you from the initial concepts through the finished installation. For many, selecting the type of wood for kitchen cabinets is a difficult decision – and we hope the following will shed some light on the species of wood available and the benefits of the various options.

Species of Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Solid-wood cabinetry is an investment in your kitchen that can last a lifetime. At CDI Cabinets, we source nationally to create a home-spun feel – helping clients create an in-budget dream kitchen that boasts craftsmanship and style. We work with national wood vendors to install systems comprised of any of the following types of wood for cabinets:

1. Cherry

As the name suggests, kitchen cabinets sourced from the cherry tree will tout warm with red undertones. Matched with striking blue coastal hues, a cherry cabinetry set can set the stage for the perfect beach house kitchen – a great setting for our coastline customers. For the Asheville crowd, cherry pairs nicely with an Appalachian aperitif, creating a deep, woodsy feel.

2. Maple

Maple wood is traditional, strong, and enduring – and is a great choice for custom cabinetry. Maple wood presents a smooth grain that is often described as beautifully neutral. In other words, it goes with everything!

3. Oak

Oak is strong, durable and a surprisingly a valuable option when it comes to custom cabinetry. Oak also boasts a unique grain pattern that you will welcome in your custom kitchen.

4. Alder

Alder wood is actually a lighter-weight member of the birch family and can be a beautiful element to your kitchen. Alder wood has a “knotty” look that makes a great addition to the mountain feel of many Asheville kitchens. This type of wood is exceptionally individual and is often available at a more economical price point than some other types of wood.

5. Hickory

Hickory wood lets you know it’s in the room. Its grain pattern is loud, strong and durable. Hickory wood cabinets offer a rugged feel to your kitchen, and no two hickory wood patterns are alike – creating an individual feel that will be as inspired as the next dish your kitchen creates!

6. Birch

Wood from the birch tree is versatile and easy to stain in your ideal hue. Further, this type of wood is strong and hearty – meaning it can take the heat of a kitchen and withstand the demands of this heavy-use room. Birch wood is also a popular choice due to its ability to withstand abrasion and damage – a popular choice for busy homes.

7. Walnut

The walnut species come in a variety of strains, including the ever-popular black walnut variety that has become an increasingly prominent choice for custom cabinetry. Walnut wood is described as a “warm” hue with an uncomplicated look – a perfect pairing with pops of color and jazzy counter-top accouterments.

Why Choose CDI Cabinets for Your Dream Kitchen?

If you’re in the Asheville area and are considering custom cabinets for your home, CDI Cabinets is the preeminent choice to meet your needs. From custom hardwood to uniquely-sourced woods, we have all the necessary resources to ensure a beautiful crowd-pleasing kitchen space.

To learn more about custom wooden kitchen cabinets in Asheville, please call CDI Cabinets today at 828-376-370.

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